A perfect blend of
sensational food
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Customized Menu,
Competitive Rates
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Market Leaders in
catering excellence
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Inspiring Ideas
& professional staff
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Es Doger
Es Cendol
Es Dawet Ayu
Es Cincau
Serabi Solo
Surabi Bandung
Es Oyen
Colenak Kinca Durian
Ketan Srikaya
Ketan Mangga
Thai Man Cham (Singkong ala Thai)
Aneka Jajanan Pasar
Aneka Buah Potong
Aneka BuahUtuh
Assorted French Pastry
Assorted Mini Cake


Iced Tea
Ice Flavour Tea
Iced Lemon Grass Tea
Infused Water
Soft Drink
Assorted Juice
Fruit Punch
Thai Ice Tea
Thai Green Tea
Es Libo Aceh

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